Real Life Self Defence Advice To Deal With Violence On London Streets

Self Defence and the 3 Stages of Street Violence, by Mark Dixon

Training for a street confrontation is very, very different from training in sport based martial arts, or martial art competitions. It is equally fair to say it is very different from doing sparring or martial art drills in a dojo.

In a street confrontation there are no rules, no referees, probably no one there to break it up and do you seriously think you can tap out ? In this situation anything goes and you have to expect the unexpected.

So how can we properly train for the unexpected ? Your training needs to include realistic rehearsal training and must include techniques and strategies based on what is happening out there.

For reality based training to be effective you must be exposed to, and learn how to deal with three main conflict stages.

Stage 1 – Pre Fight

Most situations can be avoided before they even start provided your training includes strategies, tactics and realistic rehearsal. Developing awareness skills, threat assessment and verbal skills should all form the beginnings of your pre fight training. Learning how to avoid confrontations both physically and mentally is a critical part of any realistic self defence program.

Stage 2 – In Fight

This is the stage that a great deal of self defence courses and martial art schools focus on. The problem here is most of them are based on tradition, set sequences or just theory.

Remember earlier I said you have to expect the unexpected. Not one confrontation is going to be the same and using complex forms or patterns for a certain situation is very unlikely to work in reality. The conflict stage is very unlikely going to be just you and a single opponent and your training needs to reflect the complexities and varieties of situation you could face. Training to fight one opponent is no longer realistic. What about ways to fight criminals with weapons, dealing with gang attacks, muggings, rape attacks, robberies ?

Does your training deal with the different levels of force needed to handle these different levels of violence ?

Stage 3 – Post Fight

There are many areas that your realistic self defence training should incorporate here as well. This may be administering first aid, effective escape methods, ways recall attacker description and incident details.

At Practical Self Protection we are committed to, and focus on, reality based self defence training. We focus on state of the art techniques and training methods that give you immediate results.

If you are considering learning self defence why settle for anything other than the best. Here at Practical Self Protection you will train in a proven and tested system that is effective, realistic and relevant to the world we live in.

Take your training to the next level and keep your training real.

To learn more about the other areas of this system and the step by step approach visit our website here.


About the Author

Mark Dixon is a senior instructor at specialising in self defense training. For more information on learning self defense please visit the website.


Ultimate Self Defence Tips to Remain Safe in London

Today’s self defence post.  This article provides us with some basic, sound London “street-smarts”.

Ultimate Self Defense – Avoidance Tips For the Car, Taxi and Walking, by Simon Dawson

In the car

Always lock the doors in your car. A great place for thieves to snatch wallets and mobile phones is at traffic lights. People are often distracted, talking on the phone or listening to music. It only takes a second or so to open your car door and snatch something and run off. In London one time my mother was once sitting in the back of a car, driven by a friend. They were in Queens Way and her purse was lying next to her. A man walking by just opened the car door grabbed her purse and ran off. It was all over before my mother even realised what happened.

If anyone waves you down and gestures to you that you should lower your window, open it only a couple of centimetres. If the person looks dodgy or you get an uncomfortable feeling from him/her, just keep driving. Don’t worry about upsetting or offending people. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your mobile handy in case you need to call the police. If you do not have a mobile phone it might be a good idea to invest in one just for the self-defence value it has.

Do not pick up hitchhikers and do not hitchhike! If your car breaks down, call a friend or relative. If someone offers you help, use your instinct and common sense to decide whether you should allow them to help you. If you’re not sure just say “No thank you” and that you’re waiting for your friend or relative who will be there shortly.

If you see someone whose car broke down, think twice before offering any help. Women should not offer strangers help. If you do offer someone help and they refuse, do not be offended. They have every right to refuse your help.

If someone enters your car while you’re driving do not panic! Do not listen to any promises or threats he makes. He may say something like take me to so-and-so place and I promise not to hurt you. Or if you don’t take me to so-and-so place I will hurt you. According to the FBI, your chances of survival if taken to another place are drastically reduced. You can just stop the car and run out. Don’t worry about the car; your life is more precious. Alternatively, you can crash your car. I suggest crashing your car into a high pavement, wall or other stationary item. I would not crash into other cars as this might harm the other driver. Besides, the other car might have children in it, which you don’t want to hurt. Run somewhere safe and call the police.


Whenever you are in a taxi take out your mobile phone and call someone and tell them that you are in a taxi. Inform them where you are going and how long it should take you to get there. Make sure the driver can hear you.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with the driver, or you think he is taking you in the wrong direction tell him to stop immediately. Threaten to call the police, and if he doesn’t stop do call them. Let him drop you off somewhere safe, preferably not in a secluded area.

When Walking

If you go walking or jogging regularly, vary times and days when you go. Also, vary the routes that you take. That way a potential assailant cannot place you to a certain location and time. Never walk or jog alone in remote areas.

If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest place that has a lot of people, like a shop or restaurant. If the person stays outside, then alert a security officer. Alternatively, call the police and/or a friend or relative to pick you up.

When walking or jogging make sure you do not wear expensive jewellery that may attract unnecessary attention.

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Article Source:

Article Source:

It’s all about being aware, without being paranoid as you go about your business in London.

Let’s be careful out there!



Women in London, Take Heed of This Self Defence Story About The Humble Squirrel

Today’s post is an interesting article from an Australian self improvement expert, involving a squirrel and a cobra……..

Women’s Self Defence – How a Squirrel Could Save Your Life, by Ian Newton.

Sometimes the world of nature can teach us lessons, the Chinese have long observed animals and birds and created self defence systems based on their movements. I would like to add the humble squirrel to this list. Before you laugh, this technique may just save your life.

Recently I was watching a wildlife documentary about animals in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia.

This is an extremely harsh hot dry African environment. And you have to be tough to survive. One segment focussed on the humble squirrel. In appearance it looks the same as any other squirrel you may see in New York or London.

The difference is that while those more cosmopolitan animals have few predators the African version has a lot to contend with.

In one scene a cobra entered the underground tunnels of the Squirrel family. This was extremely dangerous, as they couldn’t retreat to their normal safety. So a couple of the squirrels annoyed the cobra until it came out in the open.

At this point this small animal and large snake confronted each other. The snake struck several times but the squirrel was fast and it would move just in time.

Then without warning the squirrel launched itself at the head of the cobra. The squirrel was flying through the air and hit the cobra, which immediately escaped. I can’t help thinking that the cobra was shocked and stunned by this sudden aggressive movement.

I told my martial arts training friends about this and we devised and tested a self defence response which we call the flying squirrel.

There were several important points to this story

1. The squirrel was fighting for its life and the lives of its clan. It wasn’t just a matter of running away.

2. Its opponent was much larger and very dangerous.

3. The squirrel responded in a completely unexpected way.

4. The squirrel was not overwhelmed mentally just because its opponent was larger.

We can learn much from the valiant squirrel, and we created this self defence action.

1. You need to be just outside the range/reach of your attacker

2. You must have reached a point where escape is not possible and that you genuinely fear for your safety.

3. You must be prepared to launch yourself confidently and quickly, directly at your attacker.

The Flying Squirrel Defence method

1. With fingers slightly bent and grouped together launch your finger tips at your attackers eyes.

2. Follow up quickly with a palm heel to the attackers face with your other hand.-Then run

Alternate Version.

1. Kick quickly to your attackers shin.

2. Then follow up with the finger strikes-then run.

Another way to ensure the strikes are successful: As the attackers closes to the range where you can reach then, and they can reach you, ask them loudly “Do you like popcorn”, or any other odd question. In the brief moment it takes for your attacker to mentally process this strange question; you then launch your attack.

I realise that this is a pre-emptive attack rather than a self defense. But just as the squirrels knew they only had one chance, so do you in a violent encounter.

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London Is A Dangerous Place: Learn Self Defence!

London Is A Dangerous Place: Learn Self Defence!

The world is a dangerous place!  At the risk of being accused of paranoia, increasingly ordinary men, women and children appear to be falling victim to intimidation and physical injury from bullies and thugs.

We are living in the “Age of Austerity”.  Be under no illusions, statistically, the incidence of crime will increase.  We are likely to see an increase in violence and criminal damage against people and property in cities such as London.

Please do not become a statistic.  Do not allow your child or a family member to become a victim.  Now more than ever, gaining knowledge of and in self defence in and around London is necessary.

Sure, sometimes the media leaves you with the impression that there are criminals lurking around every corner and in every nook and cranny, ready to attack you!

You’ve probably thought about enrolling on a self defence course; or joining a martial arts club.  However, for some reason, you’ve just not got around to it!

Or, maybe actually going to a class or club is quite daunting in itself?

Self defence lessons are a great way to keep you and your family safe.  There are many places around London where you can take lessons with the entire family and this can be a fun way for you to bond.  When you do learn self defence together, you will be able to practice this at home together.  This can help you to perfect the moves you have learned.

If you have a large family, it may be a good idea to see if you can take self defence lessons privately.  This can give you very individualised instruction.  Your family may benefit much more from this type of instruction.  You can have the lessons tailored around the ages of your family members and this is a wonderful way to get even the youngest members of your family involved.

If you are a very busy family, you may need lessons that you can take at your own pace and convenience.  You will want to look online and see if there is a lesson you can take together in your own time.  This can give you the freedom to take the class when you are all together and this may be a very precious time if you are a busy family.

If you take lessons online, you may find that you can review the lesson at any time and this may help you to get the most practice.  You will be able to critique each other and this can help to improve the technique of your self defence skills.

You and your family may learn skills that will last forever; and this may some day get you or them out of an uncomfortable situation.

You owe it to yourself and your family to look after yourself.  It’s commonsense.

Please don’t leave things to chance.  May I suggest that you do something positive for yourself and your family?  At the very least, check this self defence programme out by clicking here.


Welcome To Self Defence London Dot Net

Welcome to Self Defence London.  This blog has been created to find and inform you of the best methods of self defence available to protect you, your family and property against some injury attempted by another.  It is dedicated to showing you the best strategies to keep you and your loved ones safer in London; whatever your age, gender or size.

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